Troye Sivan: ‘Bloom’ Album Review

Troye Sivan 'Bloom'
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2015’s Blue Neighborhood was Troye Sivan’s queer young-adult novel where he told stories of his unrequited loves. It was a much smaller album when compared to 2018’s follow-up release, Bloom. Sivan loves love songs. Those are magnified on Bloom; the queer pop bible, if you will.

On Bloom, Troye Sivan tells stories that depicts his real-life relationship with model and photographer Jacob Bixenman. In “Seventeen,” Sivan recalls a sexual experience on the gay dating app Grindr; He apologizes for his past actions on “The Good Side”; “Dance To This” is an infectious, chilling single boasting a guest appearance from Ariana Grande; an underrated gem is tucked behind in the back (“Plum”); the closer “Animal” is as sensual as ‘sensual’ gets (‘I can’t keep my hands off you… I want you all to myself’).

Here, Troye Sivan has created a complete queer pop triumph. Instead of getting lumped into the ‘unapologetically out’ crowd that queer pop albums like this one get caught in, Sivan creates a fairytale romance across every inch of the record. Bloom is empowering, sensual, an anthem for queers everywhere, but also something non-queers will love and if anything, be very grateful for.