It’s not a mountain-moving thing to like an album from an alternative band with a female vocalist, but Stand Atlantic have done something a bit different from their counterparts. Sometimes, certain pop-punk, female-fronted acts seem to head in a pop direction, which there isn’t anything wrong with, but this Australian trio’s debut reminisces a sound of early Paramore and a wild, punk-like, “fuck you” vibe that reminds of English pop-punks WSTR. Regardless, this is a damn good album.

Skinny Dipping is very aggressive, and is very much an all-telling emotional rollercoaster from front-to-back. You feel everything too, from the heartache after losing someone you’ve loved (“Toothpick”), getting over feeling sorry for yourself (the sensational “Lavender Bones”), accidentally admitting yourself to someone (“Skinny Dipping”), and everything in between.

Though this album can become stagnant and it’s also worth mentioning that listeners will likely not become accustomed to obsession with this record, it is a very good start to an Australian pop-punk band with a female vocalist who does such a great job, by the way. Stand Atlantic’s debut isn’t extraordinary by any means, but in a genre full of heavy-hitters, Skinny Dipping definitely holds its own.