Officially, a Michigander is a native or inhabitant of Michigan. However, this Michigander is a band. As solo project from Jason Singer, this Michigan native is showing the entire world what he’s about in his debut EP Midland.

The six-track release features four new tracks and the previously released “Stolen” and “Fears.” Through these six tracks, you’re taken across an indie-rock sound that Singer has mastered. It feels like something a young Coldplay or late Death Cab For Cutie could have done, except they didn’t and all that energy was transferred into what has become Michigander.

Opening on the quick-paced track “5am,” the buzzing sound of synths are burned into your ears from the first few seconds. A sound that just builds and builds into an epic indie-rock chorus that is layered with thudding basslines, a pounding bass drum, and soaring guitar melody. The more rock-centered track opens the album in such a way where you can’t expect what’s next.

The softer side of Midland is heard on the final track “East Chicago, IN”. A track that just feels like the drive back to Michigan from Chicago late at night. It’s easy to be captured into the feeling of passing streetlights and taillights on the highways through East Chicago, IN when you’re trying to avoid tolls and “come on back to me.” The repetitive feelings of a few alternating guitar plucks ringing in the background are layered upon showing the sophisticated sound that Michigander has grown into over the past few years.

Tracks like “Fears,” that make up the meat and bones of the EP, combine all the aspects from the start and finish. All around rock centered but creating new atmospheres in each track, you can find the softer elements mixed in with the fast pace driving tracks and vice versa.

The last two years have been building up for Singer and the Michigander project. From sharing the stage with acts like Ra Ra Riot, Twin Peaks and Boy & Bear and playing festivals alongside Alt-J, Solange, Foster The People, Run The Jewels and Two Door Cinema Club, Michigander has been a key part of the DIY Michigan scene. He’s even been featured on Spotify playlists including “Indie All Stars” and “Viral Hits,” amassing over half a million plays on his debut single “Nineties.”