5 Seconds of Summer have always been a band that didn’t seem to have it all there. Boy, do I love their music, and pop-punk for that matter, but there was just something in the music I felt didn’t suit them. Hell, they kept releasing song after song, album after album, for nearly two or three years. It was almost overwhelming for a bit. With the infectious lead single “Want You Back,” it was immediate that the 5SOS boys are ready to make art this time with the release of their third full-length album. They took a two year break to focus on bettering themselves as musicians, and as people. The result is Youngblood.

Youngblood goes full pop. It’s almost a resurface of Taylor Swift’s best elements; seductive pop hooks, emotional choruses, all while keeping an inescapable, catchy hook on the surface. “Lie To Me” is the epitome of that description, and so is “Talk Fast.” Filled with the boldest hooks 5 Seconds of Summer has ever written, their biggest, highest soaring choruses, and daring ’80s production, Youngblood is phenomenal. Their grit is gone, though – the only downside to this release. Their bratty, angsty, yet goofy teen charm is missing.

The album shines on tracks like “More” and “If Walls Could Talk” which offers slick guitar riffs, emboldened vocals, and a ton more 5SOS than we’re used to seeing. It’s certain that 5 Seconds of Summer’s third album is their best album, and I think we’re all excited to see to which lengths this newfound success will carry them.