PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn opens up about vocal issues, relearning how to sing

In a new interview with Rock SoundPVRIS lead singer Lynn Gunn shared for the first time that she has had to adjust her singing style due to problems with her voice and vocals.

In the issue, she said, “The past year I was dealing with a lot of issues and I to had to work through that on the middle of touring and it was really, really fucking difficult and hard and vulnerable and scary. I haven’t really said anything about it. I’m still very much working through it and kind of just figuring things out, but it is something I’ve wanted to address at some point because I think a lot of people noticed. I had to pretty much relearn to sing right at the beginning of our record cycle, ran into a lot of issues and still don’t really know what was going on, but would go to sing and it would feel like somebody was grabbing my throat and I could not get anything out and there’s so much tension and anxiety, and when you get anxious obviously you can feel it physically and that just adds to it.

“It’s just the feeling of being choked up for pretty much an entire year and I had to work really extensively with a vocal coach to unhinge that and loosen that up and open up again,” she continues. “I had to do every single step in front of crazy audiences and it definitely got really difficult at some points, but also was so important to go through and really just flipped my perspective on performing and our relationship with performing live. I really had to find things that made it feel comfortable, not just physically singing but mentally and emotionally, personally being onstage, my relationship with it really changed and had to be adjusted and as frustrating as it was and really, really fucking difficult as it was and vulnerable and exposing and scary as it was, it was really important and I’m really grateful that I had to go through it. I feel like I’m still working through it to some degree but I feel like it’s left me with much better perspective.”

Even a number of tours and shows were almost called off because of this. She shares, “we came really close to calling off some tours and a lot of shows, a lot of meltdowns before set and freaking out and really just telling myself I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t do it, definitely had a few moments onstage, but again it was really important and I am really glad I have gone through it and have that experience of facing it, because it made me incredibly grateful for what is coming back and what I’ve been able to develop since then.”

A full copy of the Rock Sound issue featuring Lynn Gunn is available here.