Earlier this year, CrazyEightyEight successfully crowdfunded their debut album on Kickstarter. The supergroup, consisting of Jarrod Alonge, Lauren Babic, and Patty Walters, have just announced the details of their debut album.

First off, the album is titled Burning Alive. The album will come out on December 14. Here is the tracklisting:

01. Reboot
02. Fortune and Glory, Kid
03. Shinebox
04. I Am Tetsuo
05. Bastard From a Basket
06. The Shimmer
07. Nitroglycerin
08. Tears In Rain
09. Moloko Plus (feat. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet)
10. Hannah
11. You Were Right
12. Ian Hates Gretchen
13. 300 Pages
14. My Friends, You Bow to No One

Here is the album art:

And, here is the album trailer: