Check out the lead single from American Football’s third album

American Football‘s third album will be titled American Football (LP 3) but who could’ve guessed that, right? (lol)… Anyway, the band released the lead single to the third album and it almost reminisces of the band’s 1999 self-titled debut, especially being that the song is over seven minutes long.

The album isn’t all like that though, and neither is this song really. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the band points out that they “aren’t just petulant kids anymore,” and say their sound has matured; they’ve explored how to be a band again.

The interview touches on the idea of guest features, and how this album will have three: Land of Talk vocalist Elizabeth Powell, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams, and Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell even harmonizes on a track.

American Football (LP 3) is due out March 22 via Polyvinyl Records. Preorders for the new album are available here.

Check out the new song below.