For Jack Antonoff, his Terrible Thrills projects are the final conclusion in an album cycle. His previous volume, to end the Strange Desire cycle, was the entire Strange Desire album recreated with female vocalists. Antonoff released the album for free on various streaming services. This one is a bit different.

Terrible Thrills Vol 3 follows the latest Bleachers release, Gone Now. Not only will it recreate songs on the record itself, but there are some bonuses like the song “Mickey Mantle Comes Alive” which counters the first song on Gone Now, “Dream of Mickey Mantle.”

There are four 7″ vinyls that will set the precedent for Terrible Thrills Vol 3. On the first, Mitski takes on “Let’s Get Married” (plus “Mickey Mantle Comes Alive”). The second features two new Bleachers songs: “I Miss The Last Days of Disco,” and “Hate That You Slow Me Down,” as well as Muna’s version of “All My Heroes” and a “Don’t Take The Money” demo. Number three includes two more new Bleachers songs: “Good Morning After a Breakup” and “Vietnam Documentary,” plus Julien Baker’s rendition of “Everybody Lost Somebody.” The final 7″ is composed of two anticipated tracks: Ani DiFranco’s vision of “Foreign Girls” and Bleachers’ “And, Nothing Is You.”

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7″ #1
“Let’s Get Married” – Mitski
“Mickey Mantle Comes Alive” – Bleachers

7″ #2
“I Miss the Last Days of Disco” – Bleachers
“Don’t Take the Money (Demo)” – Bleachers / “All My Heroes” – Muna / “Hate That You Slow Me Down” – Bleachers

7″ #3
“Everybody Lost Somebody” – Julien Baker
“Good Morning After a Breakup” – Bleachers/ “Vietnam Documentary” – Bleachers

7″ #4
“Foreign Girls” – Ani DiFranco
“And, Nothing Is You” – Bleachers