Pronoun: a generic placeholder; a replacement renaming a noun. Having tutored English for a few years, I am quite familiar with the term and its uses. Students implant pronouns haphazardly. “She believes______” or “he states______.” I circle “their” and write whose? above the possessive.  Most often, I cross out “it” and scribble Be more specific. Focus on clarity and creativity.

A pronoun lacking identity is weak and bland. The Brooklyn, New York, indie artist Pronoun, however, obliterates the traditional definition. She stands out for uniqueness and self-sufficiency—two qualities latest single “Run” echoes.

Scouring Soundcloud or YouTube, one might find Pronoun’s music classified as indie, pop, or electric. She blends styles well into a refreshing sound. Balancing genre combinations can be the ultimate success formula, but it’s not just indie chord flare, delicate pop vocals, or underlying electric vibes defining style. Staying genuine is key. Pronoun (given name Alyse Vellturo) claims, “I just make music for myself because I love doing it.” While some emerging artists sacrifice identity for experiential sounds, Pronoun thrives on juxtaposing the elements.

Self-sufficiency is another strong attribute Pronoun possesses. Not only is Vellturo her own manager, but she runs Sleep Well Records as well. [Entering the music industry is] “harder than you ever would think,” Vellturo reveals. Independence demonstrates drive; a constant dedication to grinding forth, even if results take years. The two-year gap between Pronoun’s debut EP There’s No One New around You and the new single “Run” doesn’t expose laziness. It highlights the artist’s human side. Other important matters needed attention at the time, but craft never suffered.

Also, with the recent tour extension with Citizen and Basement, the resilient indie artist will challenge road stamina without losing sight of joy playing gigs bring. She doesn’t mind being the lone female on the bill, either. “Every once in a while…I am the only girl in here…but I don’t really pay attention to that,” Vellturo explains. Pronoun’s performance deflects trivial matters.

“Run” may be the perfect indie-pop fusion Pronoun needs for the upcoming LP. Airy guitar and a steady beat guide listeners into a soft and simple intro. Vocals may seem innocent at first, but the soft flutter falls behind a staccato rhythm, popping every syllable.

As the chorus streams in, the singer calls out “so you’re gonna run?”. The question carves an icy chill. Vellturo would never back down or cop out, yet she doesn’t mind exposing the guilty party for doing so. Whoever is a fault realizes safety is fleeting. Running, in the end, won’t help the rocky relationship situation.

The song concludes with a heavy-reverbed guitar solo, repetitious chorus, and abrupt cut off stinging only the one to whom lines are directed. General listeners let the last few seconds linger like a reflection or lesson learned.

Pronoun delivers surprising sounds and clarion concepts. Make this pronoun the subject of your next music chat. Send friends links “Run” (Out March 2) and keep tabs on the soon-to-be-released LP. Unlike the grammatical term, Pronoun exemplifies creativity and independence, proving worthy in an ever-changing scene.

pronoun’s newest single “Run” can be heard below.