Fredo Disco - 'Very Cool Music for Very Cool People'
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Fredo Disco is the name of eighteen-year-old Fredo Fosco’s indie/rock project that he joyously curates in his home just outside of Chicago. Searching “Fredo Disco” on Google will only bring you to Fosco’s Bandcamp page, where very limited information would become available, but thankfully, listening to Fosco’s music will give you everything you need to know about the band, Fosco, and all of the above.

Bandcamp reviews salute his newest album, Very Cool Music for Very Cool People. Listener Meaghan calls Fosco “king of guitar riffs”; David says, “Humour, honesty and emotions are worn on the sleeve, making it an album I like more with each listen.” And both are more than accurate. Every song is an instant hit, and while the Fredo Disco sound takes from the Front Bottoms, these tracks are given a special spark that only someone like Fosco would be able to add.

“Prom, Post Prom, Etc” is an emo classic, highlighting a prior love and indicating a depressive episode thanks to them. Fosco’s lyrics and writing style are on levels with the Wonder Years’ Dan Campbell. Rarely does an album pay as much attention to detail as this one does, in both lyrics and melody. “Dad Jeans” is unironically very much a counterpoint to fellow emo band Mom Jeans. Fosco’s humorous quirks are at their best here, beginning by telling a story about getting around: never know where I am so I don’t usually drive. I let my friends take the wheel, stick my head out the car, HOLY SHIT, I FEEL SO ALIVE! The track is a mania anthem.

“webMD” begins with a FOB-“Dance, Dance,” bass-heavy introduction. Then the song twirls into a quirky guitar solo and translates to an early Panic! At the Disco-esque chorus. Throughout Very Cool Music, Fosco’s vocal style is somewhat familiar to Panic! vocalist Brendon Urie’s, but it’s so much more apparent here. “webMD” still stands as Fredo Disco’s biggest track, confronting and trying to come to terms with a mental illness he doesn’t understand. “Wooden Spoon” is a chilling, spontaneous bop where Fosco screams “I found a way out” only to wish he could go back in time. “Space Date” is a manic episode gone depressive. Fosco is harshly, brutally honest, and far too hard on himself (something he acknowledges throughout the song).

Trying to confront your mental illness is something that so many struggle with and just like others battling every day, Fredo Fosco is battling as well. But at least Fosco can turn those demons into an incredible nine-track album that exceeds expectations. Look out scene, Fredo Disco is going to be your next big band.