It’s that time again. Our music release schedule is starting to wind down as everyone gears up for the holidays and prepares for 2019. It’s going to be busy.

Below, you can find some of our favorite anticipated release in the new year.

1. Weezer, The Black Album

Release Date: March 1
What’s On It: The band’s famous “Zombie Bastards” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle.”
What We Can Expect: Rivers Cuomo told NME in 2017 that the record would be “darker” and “more experimental and wildly negative.” We can’t wait!

2. Bastille, Doom Days

Release Date: TBA
What’s On It: A song called “Quarter Past Midnight” and another to end called “4AM.” Not sure what’s in between.
What We Can Expect: A “nighttime record” and an “apocalyptic party record,” according to frontman Dan Smith. He says he never expected to be a pop star, but here he is. If the band’s latest collab is any indication, it’ll be super.

3. Bring Me The Horizon, amo

Release Date: January 25
What’s On It: “Wonderful Life,” which was originally meant for Limp Bizkit, and the inescapable lead single “Mantra.”
What We Can Expect: A few surprises? The band have discussed a collaboration with Grimes. Frontman Oli Sykes has said, “every song on the record is completely different. It’s a lot more experimental than our last record.”


Release Date: TBA
What’s On It: The fuming “Berkeley’s On Fire” which served as SWMRS’ first release since their debut album, Drive North.
What We Can Expect: We’re not sure. Since re-releasing Drive North on Fueled By Ramen, the band have been known for expressing their political opinions on social media and “Palm Trees” was the most direct political song they’ve released until “Berkeley’s On Fire.” So the band will probably follow the footsteps of drummer Joey Armstrong’s father (Billie Joe of Green Day) and write an album that is favorably aware politically.

5. The 1975, Notes On A Conditional Form

Release Date: June 1, but that could change.
What’s On It: We have to wait until A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is released, but Matty Healy has said that “28” originally by Drive Like I Do (aka the 1975 before they were the 1975) will make an appearance.
What We Can Expect: The band’s manager has described it as a “nighttime” record.