Young Culture – ‘(This Is) Heaven’ Album Review

Young Culture, '(This Is) Heaven'
4.8Overall Score
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Prior to Young Culture‘s third EP, (This Is) Heaven, the band’s discography felt very inconsistent, messy, and kind of all over the place. On the one hand, there are songs that absolutely shine, like “Pure Gold” and “Biggest Mess.” But there are others that just don’t necessarily do the band justice. (This Is) Heaven puts Young Culture at the top.

“21 Days” is a banger. The track showcases the band’s infectious ability to penetrate lyrics into your brain. Take the opening line for example – Place me inside your closet with all the other things you’ll never touch; when you start to get bored again, you can pick me up – an outstanding credit to heart-wrenching lyrics.

Other tracks prove that this EP is Young Culture’s most ‘complete’ release. “Deluxe” is the album’s most impressive track, bleeding emotion all over the entirety of the track. The track clocks in at three minutes exactly, and with a bridge that will cut you in half, this song is the perfect opener. “Breathe It In” experiments with a cut-back guitar riff with YC’s always-anthemic choruses. Even the slower “Never Changed” is one of the group’s best love songs. It’s different, but it doesn’t need to be, yet it is.

(This Is) Heaven is important because Young Culture is experimenting a new sound in every second of every track. But they wear every sound well and this release is just further proof that 2019 is Young Culture’s year. We’re ready for a full-length.