Over the last few months, I’ve become more and more excited for anything that comes out of Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie production camp. He’s worked with Paramore, The Almost, and now As It Is, who are about to release their most highly-anticipated album to date. There’s just a lot of excellence that comes from albums Gillespie touches. And it’s no different here in the new Corusco album entitled Wake.

Wake happens to be the band’s debut album, and it’s bigger than the music itself. I was first taken back by Corusco when the band debuted “Daughter,” which tells the story of a conversation between vocalist Aaron Gonzalez’s mother (the daughter) and her alcoholic grandfather (the stranger) who was stationed in the Navy, at different points in their relationship. Regarding the track, Gonzalez mentions, “my grandmother saw the ugliest sides of emotional abuse and she eventually ended up raising my mom and aunt by herself.” In a very universal song, the track is very raw and emotional.

The album itself is slightly inconsistent. Certain songs shine, especially “Better Off” when it appears early on. The title track is where I started to notice the album dragging. “The World We Know” is the best track on the record. Its hooks are so impressive and has a buttload of potential. “Stranger” is a follow-up in the “Daughter” story. The storyline follows a similar approach to what Silverstein has emulated in the past so very well on albums like This Is How The Wind Shifts and other concept records.

Much of Wake will be glossed over, but some of these tracks have a ton of potential. I’m impressed by songs like the “Daughter”/”Stranger” story. “The World We Know” is definitely my favorite. Even “Leaves of Grass” is able to make a lasting impression being the final song on the album. A solid first step for sure. These seven songs should be on your radar.